Hexlocked is a falling-block puzzle game that began as a concept piece during a Tetris-themed contest years ago. In order to make something unique I turned to the brilliant hexagon and dressed it with a spherized distortion technique I created way back in high school (Pascal baby!) I recently picked up the old demo again:

Now coming into its own, Hexlocked is being developed under the Revolv Studios banner for release on mobile, PC and even console (see OUYA). It is unusual — this type of casual puzzle game doesn’t represent the narrative focus of Revolv Studios, nor the style of game I usually pick up and play. But this game has surprises, it’s addictive and, well, just look at it! It’s been amazing to build: Stage3D, a robust Component-Entity system inspired by Unity, iterative playtesting that has ended up more play than test.


Screen cap of multiplayer tests

Hexlocked release is planned for late summer, including a fast-paced marathon mode, competitive multiplayer and a campaign mode that holds secrets just over the horizon.